XILS Labs XILS Synth Bundle


XILS 4, Sy’X, Oxium, PolyKB II, XILS V+ at an affordable price.

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XILS lab is proud to present their bundle containing SIX great vintage synthesizer recreations by XILS-lab: XILS 4, Poly KB II, Syn’X, XILS 5 Plus, Oxium and XILS 3.


* The XILS 4 The XILS 4 emulates a prototype that was never released, the EMS VCS4, based on two integrated, interlinked and interacting VCS 3 ( Synthi) cores.
* The PolyKB II is a recreation of a very rare and very powerful polyphonic synthesizer released in the 80’s by a famous french company. It is a polyphonic subtractive synthesizer based on two waveform morphing, aliasing free oscillators and a self oscillating 4 poles low pass filter.
* The Syn’X is inspired by a famous and legendary Synthesizer from the 80’s, which a lot of talented guys used as their central Keyboard, including some synths Gurus.
* The XILS 5 Plus combines a Vintage 10 band Vocoder, Supreme Top Octave Divider based Strings and Human Voices, or any sophisticated layering of these three elements.
* The Oxium is a performance oriented synthesizer, offering both a classic pure analog sound and modern tones. with awesome real time modulations capabilities, allowing you to play a synthesizer in ways you could never have imagined.
* The XILS 3 is an exciting new matrix style virtual modular synthesizer. Based on the architecture of the legendary EMS VCS3 synth, the XILS 3 is capable of creating both ‘classic’ sounds and totally new ones.


* Windows (XP, Vista, 7 & 8) VST 32 & 64 bits, RTAS (32 bits)
* Mac OSX (10.5 and later) : VST 32 & 64 bits, Audio Unit 32 & 64 bits, RTAS (32 bits)
* AAX Protools 10 (32 bits) & Protools 11 and later (64 bits)



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