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Start the party right

Serato Play is a fully-featured option for DJing with just your laptop.

For just USD 39 you now have the option to DJ without any hardware connected and access advanced features such as EQ, FX, Filters, and more.


Everything you need

All you need to get people up and dancing is in Serato Play. The mixer panel within Serato Play gives you the ability to use on screen EQs and filters, as well as a crossfader, pitch and gain controls, and the sync function.

Mix with your keyboard

Advanced hotkeys open up a range of DJing possibilities in Play.

Control and shape your transitions with a set of new keyboard shortcuts designed to make mixing fast and clean.

Cue tracks in your headphones

Serato Play can split the audio between cue and master. Using a splitter for your headphone jack, you can line up the next track in your headphones without interfering with the master.

Expansion pack for Serato DJ Lite