Q Up Arts Latin Groove V1 RAW


LGF1 for Sony Acid, Logic REX


Volume 1 of the most comprehensive collection of authentic traditional and contemporary drum and percussion grooves from Cuba and Brazil. Grooves from the cultures of Puerto Rico, Trinidad, and the Dominican Republic are also included in this smoking set of drum and percussion loops and samples.

Plentiful variations of style and tempo. Combine different loops into traditional or completely new musical styles. Both 3/2 and 2/3 time patterns let you construct authentic Latin tracks.

Mixloops offer instant gratification. These consist of drums and percussion, or percussion sections in various combinations. Special salsa mixes feature authentic modern salsa feel and recording styles. Access individual loops of single instruments or drum kits and build your own Latin grooves. Multivelocity samples of all of the instruments.


  • Cuban and Brazilian drum and percussion loops and samples
  • Dozens of styles of Latin music
  • Salsa, songs, and mambo styles in multiple meters
  • Easy layout
  • Extreme micro-access
  • Multivelocity samples of all of the instruments



  • Apple Logic EXS


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