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Composition tool for you to try out chord patterns in a matter of seconds.


CONSEQUENCE is a chord groove box that’s both overflowing with possibilities and enabling an intuitive workflow, capturing any of your ideas directly via audio recorder. An extensive sound library contains all kinds of instruments – from powerful analogue synthesizer to most subtle violins.
CONSEQUENCE is a compositional tool for you to try out chord patterns in a matter of seconds. This mega-instrument also mutates everything you play via MIDI into the disco sound of tomorrow.
Consequence includes lots of new Club-Style Presets and Instruments as well as some incredible new features. Just to name a few of them: Each of the 3 Instruments has a Note-Range feature and can send its Gate and Pitch information to an individual Midi Channel. Randomize has been implemented and the Chord Sequencer-Bars now display the number of the Chords that they will trigger. We added a new delay algorithm which provides individual delay times (which are working in 16th notes) for left and right channel. The whole clock has been reworked and some important fixes have been applied to make Consequence 1.1 your inspiration delivery service for life.
Consequence is fully 64-bit compatible and features MIDI Export! Just drag and drop from within Consequence to your host or a generated MIDI file to your desktop. It’s quick and easy!  Just play with Consequence and export the results as MIDI or audio file. Consequence also includes a powerful stand-alone versio


* 3 sample-based oscillators with independent envelopes and gate selection for overlaying chords with arpeggios.
* 32-step sequencers for chord selection, gate, performance (arp, tie, multi-trigger, octave, glide) and modulation.
* New sound design features like polyphonic frequency-dependent sample rate reduction and aging.
* Included kick 4/4 kick drum for easy groove orientation.
* Multi-effect with 5 effects (reverse, chorus, phaser, delay, reverb).
* Master compressor (can be driven by 4/4 kick via side chain).
* Monophonic and polyphonic 5-mode filter (LP, BP, HP, BR, comp) with independent gate selection.
* Pattern change via MIDI note.
* MIDI input for sequencing chords in real-time.
* MIDI output for triggering MIDI compatible gear.
* Easy chord creation via chord-maker, chord-recording and manual chord drawing.
* Audio recorder for session recording or for creating loops.
* 200 first-class sounds available.
* Split preset system can combine sound-, sequence- and chord-presets.

The Concept:

The word “Synquencer” describes the combination of a powerful synthesizer and complex step sequencer which creates pitch, modulation, and trigger data.
Consequence uses 16 chords to play them in sequence, extract melodies to trigger a unique sound section with lots of available instrument sounds and intelligent trigger interpretation. The Consequence VST plug-in sends MIDI data, so all kinds of MIDI-compatible gear can be controlled by Consequence.
Sound Section
Three individual sound generators called Instruments are available. Each one of these Instruments can play its own interpretation from the existing sequence due to individual trigger settings and volume envelopes. The instruments work with a sampling library which has been created exclusively for Consequence. 237 sounds are currently available, recorded from first class natural instruments and synthesizers. Also there’s a multi effects device available containing Reverse, Chorus, Phaser, Delay and Reverb effects. The final stage of the Consequence sound section is the master section which offers tuning features, a fine master compressor and a kick drum which plays a 4/4 rhythm. The kick drum is a friendly helper to keep the groove while you are creating sequences, also it can be sent to the compressor exclusively to glue the mix together or let the level drop at each quarter note.
Sequencer Section
The central part of the Consequence surface is taken by the Sequencer Section. The eight 32-step-sequencers represent the ultimate playground for groove design. For each Instrument, the Filter and the FX section there is a modulation track. Beside the classic gate sequencer track, there are the chord sequencer and the performance sequencer which arrange chords and melodies. Up to 16 chords can be created and stored in the Chord Memory and all will be called by the Chord Sequencer. The Performance part of the sequencer lets you to choose for each step if a chord or a single note plays and offers simple but powerful methods to create pretty complex music out of a handful of chords. Notes can be held for a number of steps or triggered multiple times on a single step. Additionally, each Instrument can decide for itself if its triggered exclusively by full chords or by single notes and if it plays each gate step or each second, third..and so on. All sequencer data is sent to MIDI out, so you can trigger any instrument, hardware or plugin, with Consequence. Finally, with Consequence you can create song structures from chords and melodies in a fresh and intuitive way.

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